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Chilled Water Plant Replacement

Everyone’s talking about conserving energy these days, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City is definitely not an exception. In an effort to conserve energy, UMKC contracted with Kansas City-based Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc. to design and construct projects that will reduce energy consumption at the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses.

One such project was the construction of a chilled water plant, which controls chilled water, electric and plumbing systems. The chilled water plant construction will conclude in October of 2008.


  • The energy-efficient chiller will save the university $1.6 million in energy costs each year, and UMKC’s contract with Burns & McDonnell guarantees energy savings for 15 years.
  • Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions will decrease by 30 percent on the Volker and Hospital Hill campuses.


$19.4 million

Fast Facts

  • Burns & McDonnell will assist UMKC in hiring an Energy Resource Manager to enhance and discover additional sources for energy savings.
  • Burns & McDonnell will provide steam leak surveys and low-flow plumbing retrofits and high-efficiency lighting retrofits.
  • The chiller at the School of Medicine was completed in April of 2008.



Location: Volker Campus